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Perfect Stranger is a stage name for Israeli based electronic musician Yuli Fershtat. Perfect Stranger was created around February 2005, and within 2 calendar years became critically acclaimed all over the globe, always showcasing the next step with his multi genre psychedelic dance music, and ultimately culminated being a genre of it’s own, presenting a totally distinctive sound, characterized by groovy playful beats and patiently built compositions. His music often defies genres bridging between progressive trance and techno with a presence of tribal and psychedelic elements. Perfect Stranger is successfully performing over and over at the most desirable festivals on the planet such as Boom (Portugal 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016), Rainbow Serpent (Australia 2009, 2011, 2015,2017), Eclipse Festival (Australia 2012), Symbiosis Gathering (USA 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016), Universo Paralello (Brazil 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 ), Glade Festival (UK 2008, 2009), Antaris Festival (Germany 2010, 2012), Ozora Festival (Hungary 2012, 2015, 2016), Strawberry Fields Festival (Australia 2011, 2012, 2015), Psy Fi Festival (Netherlands 2014, 2015, 2016 ), S.U.N Festival (Hungary 2013, 2014), Shambhala Festival (Canada 2013), Subsonic Music Festival (Australia 2011, 2013), Solstice Festival (Japan 2015), Motion Notion Festival (Canada 2012), Harvest Festival (Canada 2011), Sunburn Festival (India 2011), Eclipse Festival (Canada 2010), Astral Harvest Festival (Canada 2014) and the list goes on and on. Perfect Stranger released 3 full artist albums, 2 remixes albums, compiled 2 compilations and appears on well over a hundred other releases (compilations, EP’s, albums etc). He also owns the Digital Structures label, where he publishes the more Tech orientated sounds.



UK based DJ and producer Lucas O'Brien has been rounding up dancefloors and rocking them in the right direction since he started playing techno in the early nineties at renowned London clubs such as The End, Heaven, Club UK and Fabric.

His trance-infused psychedelic techno music was found to crossover with the sounds being played in Goa in the early 90s and it was this that led him to an opportunity to play at some of the early, now legendary, TIP parties.

Today, with two highly acclaimed albums to his name (God Save The Machine, Tales Of Heads), his No.1 selling compilation (Avant Garden) and many collaborative projects in the pipeline (including with Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Ajja, Martian Arts, Earthling, Outsiders, Avalon, Tristan, Dickster, Sonic Species and Laughing Buddha), Lucas is best known as a leading psytrance DJ representing Raja Ram's label TIP Records globally with his unique driving UK psychedelic sound.

Known for setting dance floors alight with his diverse quality sounds and masterful mixing, he has become a firm favourite at prominent clubs and festivals worldwide.

Marcus Henriksson

Marcus Henriksson

Marcus Henriksson is also known as Minilogue and Son Kite. Marcus started his musical career as a DJ in 1993, the year he fell in love with rave culture. He has released 8 albums, over 80 vinyl singles and toured the world since 1999. Over the years he’s been part of many musical collaborations with artists such as Karl Axel Bissler, System 7, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert and many more.

Nature, music, meditation, yoga, shamanism and his 24+ years’ experience in the dance music scene makes him a unique artist with his own musical expression.

Today Marcus tours the world under his own name, expressing music in all kinds of ways as a live artist and DJ. He creates unique dance music journeys that are not bound by styles or trends, but with the loving intention to inspire and ignite the spirit within.



K.i.M (Joakim Fogelmark’s) passion for music started already an early age, spending all his pocket money on Metal and 70's rock records. He got his first guitar when he was 9 and was banging on a drum kit by the age of 11. Throughout his teenage years he played in various bands in Sweden. He found his love for Psy-Trance when a friend took him to his first party back in ’93. KIM was completely blown away by the music and the atmosphere. But it was not in till 1999, while based in London that he bought his first studio equipment and began producing Psy-Trance, Techno and Minimal House , and DJ-ing in various parties around the Globe.

In 2009 he started to work on his debut album, but his fate was altered when one foggy Christmas eve in Goa in 2010, his house was burgled while he was at a rave, and he lost every piece of music he ever made (backups and all). That didn’t phase our hero, and the following year he set up a studio in Vagator, Goa called the Ratcave, where over a six month period he wrote a bunch of new tracks and had a chance to collaborate with some top producers who passed the season in Goa.

Kim’s first release “Party In The Woods” came on Grasshopper Records, Japan in 2012, and was very well received.

Today, when Kim is not flying around the world , he is in his smoke-filled studio working on his collaboration projects ; Filterheads, and The Rave Commission, or producing his debut album ‘The Real K.I.M Shady’ ( out in June on Zero One Music.)


Nanoplex (UK)

Nanoplex is the live project from two of the pioneers of the UK progressive techno sound, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress.

Ben Coda needs little introduction, his tech-prog sound crosses boundaries – tough beats and rolling basslines contrast with soaring melodies, fusing his love of the tougher sounds of techno and tech house with classic progressive house. With a busy international schedule, Coda is taking his sound to the masses.

DJ Ipcress has risen from the underground dance scene in the UK and over the last 5 years has taken his dark-edged techno sound across Europe and the world. Fusing techno and house, with a deep minimal groove, a partnership with Ben Coda was always going to produce a slick future techno sound.

With releases on Nano, Flow and Iboga Recs and gigs at Boom, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Noisily and many more, the Nanoplex deep tech prog sound has taken dancefloors by storm all over the planet. Their live sets are not to be missed.



For nearly a decade Ben Coda has been crafting his progressive techno sound.

Ben’s tight, energetic live shows and DJ sets have rocked crowds worldwide. With one foot in clubland and another in the international festival circuit, he is as at home laying down beats in a Berlin basement as he is taking people on a ride on a dusty dancefloor. Ben’s music cuts through genres, never following a trend, and this is reflected in the diverse set of DJs from across the dance music spectrum that play his tracks. He has released music on some of the most influential underground labels around, including Iboga Records, Tribal Vision, Lot49, Echoes, Flow and many more.

A core member of the Lowering the Tone crew with Meat Katie, Ben hosts regular podcasts with key music industry players. He has a monthly show on Proton Radio, one of the leading online dance music stations, called Connected, and is also one half of psychedelic techno act Nanoplex, part of the Iboga Records family, whose last album ‘Digitechture’ hit the top 5 on Beatport.

DJ Ipcress

DJ Ipcress (UK)

Drawing from influences as far afield as psych rock, acid folk & progressive jazz right through to progressive, minimal electronica, electro, dub & trance, Ipcress’ DJ sets encompass a wide range of sounds and influences from around the world, always with a groovy psychedelic edge. Expect the unexpected!

DJ Ipcress has played at some of the biggest club nights & for some of the most recognisable record labels in the UK and is now a firmly established name at festivals in the UK and abroad. Alongside this, he has promoted a variety of highly successful club nights, including the legendary Omniscience in the UK & DayTrippers.

The Ipcress style can vary from chilled minimal electronica right the way through to techno & progressive trance. His emphasis is on mixing different styles of music together to create a psychedelic cocktail… a journey through sound.

Nikki S

Nikki S (UK/AU)

Nikki S is one of the UK's fastest rising female psytrance artists. Her debut album on Alchemy Records turned heads across the globe when it shot to No. 2 in the Beatport psytrance charts placing her alongside legendary label artists Sonic Species and Burn In Noise.

With a unique blend of psychedelic grooves from fat progressive beats to driving grooves and high energy psychedelic melodies. Nikki's sets are high impact and guaranteed to rock the dance floor.

Over the years Nikki has developed a strong fan base with residencies at some of London's most legendary events, including London's hottest psytrance events Psymera and Astral Circus, and has been recognised by DJ Mag as one of the 'Major Impact' artists for the future.

Having toured the globe, Nikki has played at world famous venues alongside some of the the world's top psychedelic artists; Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Neelix, Sonic Species, Avalon, Burn In Noise, Nick Sentience, John Fleming, Laughing Buddha, Shane Gobi, Dick Trevor and many more!

With album No. 2. in production along with remixes and collaborations with other artists, 2017/18 will be big years for Nikki S.

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree (UK)

Paul Bacon has been inconveniencing analogue engineer, gifted musician and reclusive madman Mark Kingsley since the mid-‘80s. Bacon’s inherent composition skills (his mother was a classically trained pianist) and James Dagless on production have created the bittersweet sound of Lemon Tree.

They have between them a background of indie releases with several projects, including sessions on the John Peel show on BBC radio and live session work with bands such as Bauhaus The last session on the Peel show was the catalyst for a legal dispute between Channel 4 and the BBC over the band’s name The Bandung File, which was in fact the name of a low ratings and obscure Asian concerns programme on Channel 4 (oops).

With numerous releases over some of the world’s most respected labels, Lemon Tree are a cacophony of ambient textures with flamenco, robots, tractors, dolphins and violas all occupying the same psychedelic landscape. Definitely something different, the name comes from a miserable pub in a town where they all lived west of London and a truly sad cafe in a train station, in a tragically depressing nearby town (Slough).

2018 sees Lemon Tree performing as a live five-piece band at Boomtown, so it is indeed a rare pleasure to have Paul Bacon at the intimate Psy-Boutique.

Jay OM

Jay OM (UK)

Jay OM aka Journey, Omsphere, Sonic Wave Control, The Wayfarers, Keewl and Scratch & Blast are all or in part Milan-born, London-based DJ and producer Giampiero ‘Jay’ Mastino. Label manager of Free-Spirit Records, Jay forged his earliest psychedelic-rock influences playing guitar in local bars in Milan in his younger days. His romance with the decks beginning in the late ’80s working for a local radio station, where he was given the opportunity to spin his first records.

With that love firmly in place the move to London followed in 1998. Soon thereafter he started DJing professionally as Jay OM and in 2003 he studied Sound Engineering and Music Technology before beginning a solo production project under the name Journey.

In 2004, Jay conceived the vision of a network of like-minded artists in the psy trance, progressive and ambient genres all working together to promote themselves, and each other, under the one banner. Thus, the Free-Spirit label was born. Originally intending to focus on artist management, the label’s skyrocketing success combined with the enthusiasm of Jay, the artists and their fans enabled Free-Spirit to outgrow its horizons, becoming one of the strongest and healthiest multi-genre electronic record labels around.

All the while Jay was expanding his production spheres. In 2009 he started a psychedelic progressive side-project called Omsphere; a tribal progressive trance act called Sonic Wave Control followed in 2011; then in 2015 a collaboration with Imry called The Wayfarers. In January 2017 he started another two collaborative projects: Keewl with Cylon; and Scratch & Blast with Tron, with EPs from both projects. Keewl’s Activated Souls EP is went out at the 4th of September and reached rank 24 on Beatport, Scratch & Blast’s EP at the beginning of January 2018.

Jay has played all over the world in more then 30 countries across five continents and released four solo albums: two as Journey – The Man Who Sold The Time in 2007 and Through The Mirror in 2011; Sixth Sense under his Sonic Wave Control moniker; and K‘ag Bak‘tun as Omsphere in 2013.

Since February 2016 he has been hunkered down in the studio working on the third Journey album, Limitless, due for release at the 21st of November 2017.

Additionally, under his plethora of recording guises Jay has produced multiple EPs plus tracks for various record labels and been responsible for compiling the compilations Free-Spirit Volumes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 and Reawakening Volumes 2 and 3. In March 2017 he released the Ten Years as Free-Spirit compilation, which reached No. 5 on the Top 100 releases on Beatport.

Jay also runs Killah Mastering, arranging, mixing and mastering for multiple artists across various genres as well as mastering almost all the 64 Free-Spirit Records releases from 2005 until the present day.

As a final string to his bow, Jay is a successful party promoter, holding Free-Spirit Records label parties around the world and running Implosion events in London for eight years. Since 2012, he has been responsible for promoting one of London’s most acclaimed fiestas, Tribal Village – A Psychedelic Adventure…



DJ Gino from Naples, Italy, is founder and executive producer of Sonica Festival. Now a veteran of psychedelic music gatherings, he began his active participation in 1990. His style is a harmonic fusion of psychedelic and cyber frequencies, whilst his musical research aims to constantly upgrade the worldwide dance music trends. Gino offers DJ sets to complement the arena, be it an indoor or an open-air stage, dynamically shifting clever selections of contemporary sounds with pumping and rocking beats.

DJ Wegha

DJ Wegha

Hungarian psy trance great Wegha first started making music in 1994, but it was only when he fell in love with Goa trance in 1996 that his vinyl collection really started growing. In 1998 Wegha's name appeared on the line-up of the Halásztelek Party, regarded today as the Hungarian pioneer of open-air party series, and stayed there for an entire decade.

As one of the permanent actors of the Budapest psychedelic scene, he ascended towards the world's stage at the side of the great dj Virág. From 2000–05 they hosted Sunday Deep Smile sessions and in 2001 Turbopauza was formed, a popular live-act (bass guitar, conga/percussion, KORG SX sampler, Roland Phantom keyboard), who played lots of gigs 'til 2008, including on the main and chill stage at Ozora. From 2007 Wegha also co-managed a club, the justly infamous/famous Szociál KLub in Közraktár on the bank of Danube, the headquarters of his own club nights featuring many international psy trance artists.

Over a decade later he's now main man of the incredible international psy trance festival O.Z.O.R.A. and has just release an epic compilation on Future Music, 'Tangle Mangle' featuring some of the world's psy trance greats.

Neill Moore

Neill Moore

UK-based psy trance artist Neill Moore is resident at London events Psymera, Psyrthymix, Cohesion and Planet Angel. He's played for many UK events including Noisily Festival, Black Pearl Festival, Elixir of Life, Tribal Village, Astral Circus, Shattered Barriers, Liquid Connective, Halcyon and Illuminaughty.

Neill's style is either a fierce, groovy and uplifting morning/twilight sound at around 145bpm or progressive that ranges from funky and pumping to beautiful and euphoric. Everything he plays has exceptional engineering quality with genre fusions and unpredictable compositions. It is Neill's unique and solid mixing style, high quality crowd reading skills and story building though his DJ sets that have got him the attention of a very loyal and growing fan base, as well as many promoters, DJs and other artists in the scene.

On the production front, Neill has been working hard over the last few years, releasing a collaboration with Aphid Moon and putting together a compilation for the new Psymera label. He's also launched his live act, NEO, to showcase his many unreleased tracks that experiment with crafting his powerful crossover psychedelic sound that encompasses elements from every psy trance sub-genre to bring together a unified and distinct style.



Since 2002, Aliji has been a regular on the international festival circuit, playing numerous prestigous events such as Glade, Noisily, Boomtown & Glastonbury in the UK, Boom, Ozora, Sonica and Electric Picnic (Ireland) in Europe, and the legendary Universo Paralello in Brazil, to name but a few. If you have caught him, you may well have heard infectious beats ranging through Minimal, Techno or Tech House, or you may have been treated to a platter of sumptuous electronica of the most eclectic variety, as the occasion required. He has shared stages with many leading artists and is considered by many to be a worthy addition to any festival or club line up that upholds musical integrity.

Bahar Canca

Bahar Canca (UK)

Born in Turkey but a Londoner for many years, Bahar began DJing professionally in 1999. Starting with underground parties promotion, in due course she established her self-owned and managed record label, SubBubble. Bahar has released 13 EPs and continues to create new music. She is the co-founder of Psy-Boutique Festival with Judit Langer and plays festivals all around the world, including Universo Paralello (Brazil), Ozora (Hungary) and Sonica (Italy). Bahar’s big heart spreads love wherever she goes and this is evident in all her endeavours.

Liquid Ross

Liquid Ross (UK)

For well over a decade Liquid Ross has been shaping the sound of psy trance on the dancefloors of the UK, from the seminal Liquid Connective parties through to becoming label manager and chief A+R for Liquid Records. He’s held residencies at London’s premiere dance music events Halcyon and Elixir of Life and played at top nights like Astral Circus, Tribal Village, Psymera and Illuminaughty.

Liquid Ross has also played all over the globe at some of the world’s most prestigious trance events including Time and Space (Mexico), Boom Festival (Portual), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Trimutri Festival (Russia), Aurora Festival (Greece), Glastonbury, Sunrise, Glade, Noisily and Boomtown Festivals in the UK and many more.

As well as trance, Liquid Ross also plays techno and progressive and some ambient, electro and breaks, but it’s his high energy psy trance sets that he is best known for.



Giovanni Calemma brings to psy-boutique his extensive background in electronic music as well as his timeless inspiration. A multifaceted artist, Giovanni has devoted his lifelong research to visual arts, media and music. Influences from these arenas all converge skillfully in his sound, creating a unique experience each time. Giovanni was the co-founder of United Tribes (Italy) which, between 1992 and 1994, marked an evolutionary step in the music scene and defined a new aesthetics in visual communication. Since then Giovanni has been working professionally as a photographer and event promoter, including 80 D.A.M.S. in Berlin and T.A.Z. parties in London. Calemma’s set will take you on a unique journey across deep minimal techno and more eclectic experimental soundscapes, with uncompromising commitment to a vibrant dance floor that is both innovative in research and informative of its own background.

Ebru Al


Ebru started her dance music adventure at a home studio in North London with old school/ acid house tunes, back in 1993. She started DJ’ing professionally in 2010 and played some unforgettable techno and progressive psy-trance sets in London, as well as in her native country, Turkey. Be ready to dance non-stop and witness her passion for each tune she will be mixing for you.

I listen what makes me dance.
What makes me dance gives me happiness.
I am here to share this happiness with you.
Music is life, life is music...
Lets share our lives in Butterfly Valley.

Liquid Rish

Liquid Rish (UK)

London-based psy trance DJ and resident for SecretSoma… psy trance is his passion!
LiquidRish bought his first 12” in ’95 – Misjah & Tim’s Access – igniting what’s been a rollercoaster journey through the dance music underground. As DJ Carobus, from 1995 until 2004 he was lucky enough to play for some amazing soundsystems and nights across the UK, such as HP Soundsystem, Spiral Tribe, Frantic, Progress, Liberators, Exodus and many more, until 2004 when he decided to stop DJing.

In 2009 his then partner reawakened his passion and over the next few years he met two people who inspired him to want to play again: Jay Mastino and Lorraine. So, in February 2014 at SecretSoma IV he played his debut set as LiquidRish, where he now has a monthly residency. He’s since played at Tribal Village, Triptonarnia, The Butterfly Effect, Psyrhythmix, The Almost Famous Crew, Liquid in Rotterdam, and many more.

Musical influences include Tristran, Outsiders, Lucas, KIM, Circuit Breakers, Avalon, M-Theory and Jay OM to name but a few. The biggest difference now is the people who inspire him the most are his friends. His favourite DJ is Lorraine, for she personifies everything that is good about psy trance.


Foose (BE)

Belgium bass head Foose aka Jan Hofmans started out as a DJ back in 1995, playing a whole range of electronic styles on vinyl. But when he discovered Goa, he was hooked from the very beginning.

Now with well over 20 years of Goa trance experience at his disposal, he’s played all over the world from Belgium to Curaçao, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunesia, Turkey and the UK. He’s played at festivals such as Solareclipse, Eargasm, Fractal Gate, Sonica, Tree Of Life, Lost Theory, Waldfrieden Hai in Den Mai, MCF 2012, Human Evolution and of course, Psy-Boutique.

While psy trance is his signature sound, you can also find him on the alternative stage where you'll be dreaming deep on a perfect blend of downtempo, psybient, ethnic and chill-out. A musical chameleon with a large range in sounds, he can take you into a trance by dance or active meditation.

Head honcho of Green Tree Records, he’s recently released the lush ‘Lucidity’ compilation featuring some of the most cutting-edge psy trance tracks around.



Dario Giuliano aka JD was born in Naples in 1975. Being his father and brother fond of music, he lives closely to amplifiers, speakers and vinyls since he was a child. After a little while he approaches music in a more intimate manner by starter playing guitar and electricbass and when he is still very young, he joins a psychedelic band as bass player. At the age of 23, the turning point. After being to Freankfurt,Germany and after visiting the Neuton European mega-distributor, he develops a passion for the dance music and he watches the evolution of the TECHNO phenomenon in Naples, which has been defined as the newer and innovative “second wave”. With his open-minded temper, he becomes promoter of underground events, bringing into the city the hottest well-known names of time. Always a passionate connoisseur, he goes on a regular basis to the production studios of his friends, who at the time were young techno producers and who now are the famous Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone and Danilo Vigorito. In 2000, tired of being a spectator, he starts playing , causing quite a stir. His experience as promoter for so many years, the many hours spent in the studio with the Neapolitan “Masters”, along with his experience as psychedelic bass player have given JD the opportunity to have all the requirements to bring energy and freshness of style to his sets. He is among the first playing minimal techno and experimenting electro insertions. JD has just created the track FULL ONE, remixed by TOM CLARK, on Inminimal rec and he released “anything_groovy” on Casbah.rec remixed by Guido Schneider. He also produced with Giancarlo Lanza "senegalized ep" on monique musique rec.remixed by Nima Gorji, Mimimino, Alex Moments and Chris Lattner. In 2010 he started to play as resident dj for Orbeat.

Aslan Kurgun

Aslandj (TU)

Turkish DJ Aslan Kurgun was born in Antalya and first got into music playing the mandolin at primary school. It wasn’t long before he was drawn to electronic music though, collecting a huge music archive. His first DJ performance was at Antalya’s Marco Polo Club in 1997 and he soon started playing everything from electronic jazz, nu jazz, acid jazz, trip hop, industrial, jungle, leftfield, experimental, chill out, lounge, ambient, ethnic, minimal, house, progressive house, progressive trance, techno and dub.

Aslan quickly developed a passion for deep progressive house and progressive trance with psychedelic influences – psytech, psychill, psydub, psybient and psychedelic bass music, playing at parties and raves. An active member of Turkey’s first online psychedelic trance culture and art magazine, he was Musical Director at Antalya’s The House Cafe and Event Manager at Up Shot Bar, organizing events under the name of Plus Ninety.

In 2013 he played at the Pumpui Stage at Ozora Festival – one of the world’s biggest psychedelic electronic festivals. These days he’s resident at Crystal Kids and Eles Records and CEO and Founder of M.A.D. Festival in Antalya. He still plays some surprise sets at different parties to showcase his various eclectic styles.



Portuguese-born London-based C.K believes that: “Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together.” A music enthusiastic since he was 16 years old, he’s lived most of his life in the psy trance world.

An energetic dancer and a lover of full-on sounds, the passion for DJing comes to him in a very natural way. He uses it as a medicine to bring people together and to escape from reality. His goal is to bring more diversity to the mix and use tracks from new producers.

Signed to Biopulse Records and resident at long-running London night Cohesion, C.K’s style is full on progressive with a taste of dark. He is versatile when mixing and enjoys taking listeners on a journey where they can rejuvenate their energy.

Mara LeFay

Mara LeFay (RO/UK)

Romanian-born, London-based techno DJ Mara LeFay found musical inspiration in the Berlin warehouse scene and soon began a career in music with a love for all the grandeur of the warehouse, super-club, festival and forest party scene.

Playing a variety of techno, tech house and electronica on both CD and vinyl, Mara has recently played some of the UK’s premiere venues and festivals including Ministry of Sound, Troxy London, Lakota Bristol, Bowlers Manchester, Boomtown Fair and Noisily Festival as well a number of festivals across the globe such as Psy-Fi and Hadra.



Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism, Ramizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 over the albums of Kox Box, Cosmosis, Hallucinogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive which still continues. In the city he studied his BA, Ozzy organized various indoor psy trance parties and mixed tracks as Ramizes between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks.

Since 2006 Ozzy has also been involved in some of the most well respected festivals and psy organisations in Europe such as Ozora, Psy-Fi, Sonica, Tree of Life, Free Earth Festival, Mind Manifest Project, Psy-Boutique Festival, Neon Festival, Soulclipse Festival in Turkey, Earthcore Festival in Australia and many more. He now dedicates himself to his psy-trance organizations community, Crystal Kids, to spread the word through the minds which are ready to unite with respect, peace & love ♥.

Ozzy as a DJ mixes; Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive as MYSTICISM at Altar Records, Progressive / Dark Progressive / Fullon / Psytrance as RAMIZES at 24/7 Records and Twilight / Forest / Hitech as FREETECH at Futura RécordsMX.




In 2004 Negma started to play in big events, attracting great attention from her great variety of house styles. DJane Negma grew to one of the top female DJs in the Turkey the last 5 years. Her sets contain every style of house and her music style is always happy and colourful just like herself. Positive energy is easily heard in her music. Not only was Negma succeeding in her dj career, but she also graduated from Istanbul University Computer Engineering. Also she will go to sound engineering school. She is a technical talent so she is learning new technologies quickly.

In more recent times she has had the opportunity to play in many countries including Miami, Ibiza, Paris, Germany and Cyprus and has also found herself warming up and working along side some of the worlds leading names in the industry such as Marco V, Randy Katana, Johan Gielen, Outwork, Junior Vasquez, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Ronald Van Gelderen, Jochan Miller, Sied Van Riel, Yahel, Ernosto & Bastian, Aly & Fila, W&W, Leon Bolier, Mark Norman, Pedro Del Mar, Sander Van Dien (First State) Joyce Mercedes, Niki Belucci, LayDee Jane, Miss Shiva, Nugen.

Negma also produces and remixes her own tracks. This has also been very successfull for her, especially with her remix of Katana - Feels Like Magic.Her style of music changes with the times which keeps audience fresh and coming back for more.

Currently her efforts are being put into various productions along with friend and fellow dj, alex_turkey, which will be ready for release in the near future. Now OUT !!! Negma feat. Aaron Smith - Dancin (Summer 2009 Mix) on Junodownload.

Music Styles: Deep House, Club & Progressive House & Prog. Trance


Retone (UK)

Retone is a new project from London based John Ryan, making and playing Tech House & Techno. Under previous musical guises he has had his music played on Radio 1's Pete Tong Show, with tracks released on Steve Lawler's acclaimed ViVa Music imprint and featured on their 'Best Of' compilations. DJ's supporting his music include the likes of Detlef, Denney, Sante, Ramon Tapia, Danny Howard, Slam, and System 2. Outside of the studio his DJ sets have led to residencies at clubs like The Egg, Lightbox, and Pacha, alongside regular gigs all across the UK and Europe.



A welcome addition to the Bom Shanka Family, with his vast and extensive knowledge of the global dance music scene, this is one DJ not to be missed! Sutekh has blasted countless dance floors across the world and has performed alongside almost all of the biggest trance acts in the scene.

After some time out to work on various art projects, Sutekh returned full power with his impeccable track selection and sophisticated mixing skills. He masters the art of mixing psychedelic grooves with deep twisted sounds, keeping it funky while empowering the dance floor with energy. With his roots coming from the underground sounds of London, he chose not to get rid of his old love and continues to play techno from time to time.

With a natural ability to read the crowd and adapt, his sets are a privilege for everyone’s ears. His art goes far beyond music as he has also helped build and design some of the world’s greatest trance dance floors, as well as producing artworks for countless record labels, events and promotions.

Sutekh's photo by Andreea Reea



London based DJ and producer

Nick Oxley - Psy-Boutique Resident


Nick Oxley has been a cornerstone of the Psy-Boutique events since the festival began back in 2010. As resident DJ for the Sub Bubble warehouse parties in London, his eclectic taste in underground electronic music drives him to mix intelligently selected progressive, techno and tech-house styles. Nick's infamous sunset and sunrise sets at the original Sundance festivals are eagerly anticipated by those who know him and are always memorable.


Alexandra (UK)

Greek/French and London-born, Alexandra’s love of electronic music draws from her backgrounds in architecture, science and design. Her obsession with patterns and detail has led her to seek a combination of cutting-edge sounds with beautiful melodies, enjoying nuances and subtle changes, and exploring deeper and more melancholic sounds. As with her award-winning publishing work (, she takes her audience on a journey of both mind and soul through the intersection of nature and culture.

A developing passion for deep house and techno inspired her to organise yearly parties at the infamous Monkey Island Hotel, before going on to develop Kimberfest, an annual 3-day festival at her rural home in Berkshire, alongside a growing series of smaller weekend ‘Kimber sessions’, each of which is driven by the gathering of an eclectic group of people who want to spend time together outside the city and enjoy music.

With an early education in music learning to play the violin and the piano, and a diverse taste in music ranging from Nick Cave and Robert Plant to Lamb and Aphex Twin, Underworld, Massive Attack, Orbital, LTJ Bukem and Nitin Sawhney, Alexandra has more recently been following artists such as Recondite, D-Nox & Beckers, Roy Rosenfeld, Max Cooper, Marius Lehnert, Mimi Love and Pocket Pauli, whilst also finding influence from an ever-growing circle of talented musical friends.

Always in search for new challenges, Alexandra is constantly developing a style and sound reflective of her varied interests - and her urge to bring joy and dance to the floor.


FlibbertiGibbet (NZ/UK)

FlibbertiGibbet is the solo project of Tara Hawes – a compulsive music collector from an early age. Growing up in New Zealand where her mother worked at a radio station when she was young, some of her earliest memories are being allowed to select which record to play next (if she behaved!) – and of the excitement when new vinyl came in – igniting a life-long passion for music. Following years of promoting, organising and reviewing music events, she finally got behind the decks in ’13 and hasn’t looked back.

Signed to Free-Spirit Records, Tara loves playing everything from chill-out, downtempo, dub and minimal to psy-breaks, mid-tempo and progressive, as this end of the spectrum gives her the freedom to creatively mix different genres and styles. With her aptitude to feel the mood of the crowd, she loves selecting tracks on the fly instead of playing a set list.

Based outside of London, Tara is resident at the Alternative Room of Astral Circus and a regular at Tribal Village. A gifted selector who’s spent years contributing to the dance music scene, she now prefers to work the crowd from behind the decks where she can really contribute to the vibe of the party.

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