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Psy-boutique 2021
Psy-Boutique (formerly known as Sundance Boutique) was founded in 2010. It began as a friendly gathering at a favourite location. With only a few hundred people, we were all just friends and friends of friends, but what a special festival it was.

The decision was made to run the festival once every two years, improving it whilst keeping it small and intimate. In 2012, we had a bigger and better sound system, A-list DJs such as Shane Gobi and Aphid Moon, and made a whole bunch of new friends.

For our third festival in 2014, we changed our name to Psy-Boutique, found a new venue and developed a fresh vision. We’d like you to be able to arrive with just your backpack and we’ll provide the rest - accommodation with beds, clean toilets and showers. We view the DJs as part of our community and we invite them to stay for the entire festival and enjoy the beautiful Turkish coastline with us.

Our last festival was back at Sundance camp where you can float with turtles from the river into the sea, look up at the snowy hills while you wear your swimsuit on the beach. The line-up and festival expanded substantially, along with the numbers attending. We had the likes of Tristan and Laughing Buddha, a techno stage, healing area and art gallery…

Now we’re preparing for our 5th Festival and are very excited about our brand new location in Fethiye, Turkey. Located on a 50,000 m² site in a very rare sweet gum tree forest on Gunluk Bay, off the Dalaman-Fethiye road, just 17 kms from the city centre of Fethiye and 38 kms from Dalaman airport. A stunning private beach and breath-taking views, in combination with the coolest crowd and community with great music will make for an unforgettable holiday.

This year we’re restricting ticket sales to 300 maximum- 150 less than our last Festival. We’ve chosen to do this as we’d like to stay true to our roots. We’re a boutique festival after all!

This is the festival you should start the season - don't miss out as the next Psy-boutique won't be until 2020!

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