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Alchemy Records founder and Label Manager, Shane Gobi is one of the leading DJs on the global trance circuit. Originally from South Africa, Shane founded Alchemy in London in 2001. Since then, he's become a regular favourite at festivals and clubs from London to Japan. Voted DJ of the year on Isratrance in 2003, Shane is known for his technical wizardry and his unique journey sets.



DJ Gino from Naples, Italy, is founder and executive producer of Sonica Festival. Now a veteran of psychedelic music gatherings, he began his active participation in 1990. His style is a harmonic fusion of psychedelic and cyber frequencies, whilst his musical research aims to constantly upgrade the worldwide dance music trends. Gino offers DJ sets to complement the arena, be it an indoor or an open-air stage, dynamically shifting clever selections of contemporary sounds with pumping and rocking beats.



In 1988, Wegha was in the lineup of the Halasztelek Party - today regarded as the cultic Hungarian pioneer of open-air parties - and he stayed there for a decade. Widely regarded as a permanent fixture in the Budapest psychedelic scene, Wegha also started breaking onto the world stage. In 2007, he began co-managing the infamous Szocial Klub in Kozraktar, on the banks of the Danube. This became the headquarters for his own club nights, featuring international psytrance artists, and he has been playing Budapest parties since then. Wegha has been quietly behind the running and success of Ozora festival for the past three years.

Bahar Canca

Bahar Canca (UK)

Born in Turkey but a Londoner for many years, Bahar began DJing professionally in 1999. Starting with underground parties promotion, in due course she established her self-owned and managed record label, SubBubble. Bahar has released 13 EPs and continues to create new music. She is the co-founder of Psy-Boutique Festival with Judit Langer and plays festivals all around the world, including Universo Paralello (Brazil), Ozora (Hungary) and Sonica (Italy). Bahar’s big heart spreads love wherever she goes and this is evident in all her endeavours.



Gypsydelics is a istanbul-goa based psygressive trance and dark progressive project,formed by Yigit T. and Maji P.
The Gypsydelics Project was created in 2013 in order to create a unique style and provide innovative energy on the dance floor. With a mixture of psygressive melodic trance and progressive dark, the project consists of productions of the highest quality that blends beautiful melodies and strong basslines, coming to an innovative Progressive Psytrance, that brings to the public completely emotional sensations, and even the atmosphere creates an incomparable tension.With this innovative style, Gypsydelics have stood out wherever they go.



Foose, founder & manager of GreenTree Records. Dj since 1995, played all around the globe, from Thailand To Curaçao. He plays mainstage psytrance and downtempo for alternative/chill out sets.



Ohh Marcel is Musta Marsel, a native of Vlora but now adopted by Italy. In 2012, along with a group of friends, he founded Outta Tribe, a new and emerging family of fans of Psytrance and Tekno music. From a very early age Marcel had a passion for African drums, congas, and Darbukas and later also discovered a passion for the didgeridoo. In his DJ sets he uses this mix of rhythms that he had cultivated from an early age to develop a rhythmic and powerful set with hints of psychedelia and forest.  In November 2014 he joined Free Spirit Records and truly feels that they  reflect his spirit and his desire to be a Free Spirit!



Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism, Ramizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 over the albums of Kox Box, Cosmosis, Hallucinogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive which still continues. In the city he studied his BA, Ozzy organized various indoor psy trance parties and mixed tracks as Ramizes between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks.

Since 2006 Ozzy has also been involved in some of the most well respected festivals and psy organisations in Europe such as Ozora, Psy-Fi, Sonica, Tree of Life, Free Earth Festival, Mind Manifest Project, Psy-Boutique Festival, Neon Festival, Soulclipse Festival in Turkey, Earthcore Festival in Australia and many more. He now dedicates himself to his psy-trance organizations community, Crystal Kids, to spread the word through the minds which are ready to unite with respect, peace & love ♥.

Ozzy as a DJ mixes; Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive as MYSTICISM at Altar Records, Progressive / Dark Progressive / Fullon / Psytrance as RAMIZES at 24/7 Records and Twilight / Forest / Hitech as FREETECH at Futura RécordsMX.



ASLAN DJ ft. Ozan (Trombone) & Taylan (Cello) (TR)

Aslan Kurgan was born in Antalya, Turkey and his interest in music began when he played mandolin in primary school. Later on, he started enjoying electronic music, listening to it a great deal, whilst building up a huge archive of tracks. His first DJ performance was in 1997, at Marco Polo Club, Kemer, Antalya. Aslan played music for both day and night parties, across a wide selection of genres, such as electronic jazz, nu jazz, acid jazz, trip hop, industrial, jungle, drum & bass, leftfield, experimental, chill out, lounge, ambient, ethnic, minimal, house, progressive house, progressive trance, techno and dub. Since 1999, Aslan’s been playing his favourite genres of deep prog house, prog trance with psychedelic influences, psychill, psydub and some psychedelic bass music at VIP parties and raves. In 2012, Aslan became musical director at The House Cafe, Antalya and currently works in Up Shot Bar as event manager, whilst also organising events under the name Plus Ninety. Aslan played Ozora festival 2013’s Pumpui Stage and continues to give surprise DJ sets at different parties with different music styles.



Yaiz Saki, experiencing the abstract forms of psychedelic music.He started to producing 2009. His music inspired from dark atmospheric corners around the world.

Ebru Al


Ebru started her dance music adventure at a home studio in North London with old school/ acid house tunes, back in 1993. She started DJ’ing professionally in 2010 and played some unforgettable techno and progressive psy-trance sets in London, as well as in her native country, Turkey. Be ready to dance non-stop and witness her passion for each tune she will be mixing for you.

I listen what makes me dance.
What makes me dance gives me happiness.
I am here to share this happiness with you.
Music is life, life is music...
Lets share our lives in Butterfly Valley.



PSYSARI is Serdar, dj/producer and event promoter from Turkey, now living in Italy since 2007. He was born in May 1984 in Istanbul, where he firstly discovered Psychedelic Trance in 2001, thanks to an underground group of followers. After that, he experienced his first Psy trance festivals around Europe, and started being active in the turkish psychedelic scene dj-ing and organizing parties. Since 2003, he has been organizing with his crew small outdoor and indoor rave parties in Turkey under the name of INTELLIGENT MONKEY. Later on, he got involved on a more professional level promoting events in Turkey, and started a new, somehow different, Psy-trance club scene in Istanbul, hiring eventually his own venue in 2006 for the winter season, throwing quality Psy-trance and progressive nights and hosting great artists in indoor parties. As dj PsySARI performed in several Psy-trance parties in around Europe, including Psy-trance Festivals He also performed alongside some of the scene’s best talents, including: Infected Mushroom, S.U.N. Project, Atomic pulse, Oforia, Fatali, Echotek, Psysex, Gataka, Ion, Domestic, Delirious, Black and White, U-recken, and many others.... PsySARI is characterized for the quality of his original and clean style of mixing, from full-on to dark, and the choice of tracks, with a lot of new released and special edition’s tracks. He is also appreciated for his incredible ability to follow and lead the dancing audience to an high psychedelic atmosphere. In 2005 Sari starts taking his first steps into the production of electronic music, and he is actually keeping working at his own music under the name of Intelligent Monkey.



GreenTree records label dj’s Foose and Roy have teamed up and created the GoAthletes project, these 2 crazy Belgians, combined over 40 years dj experience, are ready to set trancefloors on fire with their exquisite track selection and flawless mixes. They’ve released the 10-year GreenTree special compilation cd “Harvest” in December 2015, with the best tracks from the digital back catalogue from the label.



Music has played an integral part in Tsubi's life ever since his early childhood. While all the other boys were climbing trees or digging up worms in the backyard, Tsubi found himself being drawn to his fathers record player. His father's vinyl collection served as his first musical building blocks, and having introduced himself to some of fundamental artists and genres, he quickly started to form a thirst for more.

The passing years saw Tsubi expanding his horizons from simply enjoying all that the colourful musical palette has to offer, to collaborating with others to create ways for others to enjoy it too. He started getting into the electronic music scene in his early school years, and having already accumulated an impressive collection of his own, started organising parties with other like-minded music enthusiasts.

By the time he reached his late teens, Tsubi and a fellow dj friend were throwing parties that gathered sizeable crowds of people out for a fresh, underground experience. His constant search for anything new and exciting eventually led him to his first psytrance party in 1999. He got his finger on the Hungarian psytrance pulse after just a year, and quickly became one of the scene's must-haves. In the years to follow, Tsubi was invited to play by pretty much all the underground party organisers in the country, and became a well-known favourite at the best psy events the local scene has to offer. Since joining Bubble's Human Touch booking agency in 2005, Tsubi has shown just how versatile and open he is musically, which has been one of his major success factors. His adaptability to any given event, the line up, and the overall vibe has allowed him to showcase his incredible knowledge of different genres and how to build on, and play with them.

Tsubi's evolved taste in sound and many years of mastering the art of mixing took him further around the world to spread the dance grooves. He has since been invited to play at some major events like Boom, Ozora, S.U.N, Glade, Full-Moon, Hill-Top, Bakony and Sziget. With over a decade of experience, fused influences, and unlimited interest in all that is electronic, Tsubi has now taken the next step and started a party series with friends. The fresh collaboration, called Loading Zone, focuses on introducing party goers to artists and sounds that have yet to claim their territory in the Hungarian scene. With a deep understanding of what is needed to keep feet moving, people smiling, and the crowd screaming for more, Tsubi and the Loading Zone team have found a unique way to participate in taking the local music scene forward. Fellow Loading Zone aficionados can always expect something fresh and interesting from Tsubi's sets, ranging from full-psy, psy-prog, techodelic, all the way to downtempo. And at the end of the day when it's time to go out, isn't that what we're all after: something fresh, something new, something with a groove.



I bought my first 12inch dj track in 1995 it was Misjah & Tim - Access and it started what has been a rollercoaster journey through the dance music underground, from 1995 till 2004 as Dj Carobus i was lucky enough to play for some amazing soundsystems and nights across the UK including HP Soundsystem, Frantic, Progress, SUF, Exodus, Grooveyard, Tribe of twat, Inukshuk, FunkyFatKats my musical influences at that time were Mark Sinclair, Tony DeVit and Lawrie Immersion, my signiture tunes during this period were Lochi - London Acid City, Well Paid Scientists - To The Batrave, Audio Pancake - Fuck Goa, Roland The Bastard - Your Mother Wouldn't Like It, Wayne G - Twisted. Westbam - Wizards of the Sonic, Tony DeVit - Are You Ready, in 2004 i decided to stop djing.

My true passion has always been Euphoric uplifting trance and in 2009 my then partner reawakened that passion and over the next few years i met 2 people, Jay Mastino and Lorraine who both inspired me to want to play again and in february 2014 at SecretSoma IV i played my debut set as LiquidRish where i now have a monthly residency, i have since played at Tribal Village, Triptonarnia, The Butterfly Effect, Psyrhythmix, The Almost Famous Crew, AudioAddictz, Liquid in Rotterdam and Maxhine Elves in Nijmegen, musical influnences include Tristran, Outsiders, Lucas, KIM, Killerwatts, Avalon, M-Theory and Jay OM to name but a few.

The biggest difference now is the people who inspire the most are my friends, my favourite artist is Nikki S she personifies everything that is good about psytrance



Italo is an eclectic artist always in balance between music and film-making. His set is a pumping combination of the finest psychedelic music with a strong funky taste.



Goamute AKA. M.U.T.E. which stands for Millions Under Trance Education, Tolga is one of the pioneers of Psychedelic Trance music in Turkey. He started performing at underground venues in 2003. Goamute began spinning with Full-on and Psytrance, but after a while he discovered –in his own words- “the authentic deepness of Goatrance”. He was fascinated by the way each song was telling a different story and how each story evoked different emotions. Soon after this revelation Goamute started playing Goatrance and to this day, his name refers to Goatrance in Turkey. Besides well established venues such as Saklıkent, Studio Live and Balans, Goamute performed among artists such as Astrix, Astral Projection, Electric Universe, DNA, Infected Mushroom, Filteria, Psysex, Star Sound Orchestra, Juno Reactor and Yahel. As well as Soulclipse and various psychedelic events in Turkey, he also performed at international festivals like Soulclipse Festival ( 2006 Turkey ) Tchamla Kingdom (2007 Bulgaria), Space of Joy (2008 Ukraine) Liquid Beach (2008 Ukraine) Tree Of Life Festival (2012-2013-2014 Turkey). Goamute’s unique performance - occasionally decorated with Progressive and Acid Trance tunes- is usually a long and seductive journey where he wanders across the galaxy with all the hitchhikers he meets on the road.



Psychotherapy is a psytrance project founded by Berk Özyazıcı. Berk, was born in 24 Feb 1987 in Istanbul and started his musical career by playing bass in trash and nu metal bands in 2002. He started to shift towards electronic music in 2004 and was introduced to electronic, electro rave, jungle, drum n bass and electro punk. He was a part of the band silent hill which focused on electro trash. In the late 2004 he was introduced to psychedelic trance by his friends and started performing around Turkey in 2006, with the stage name Psychotherapy. In 2011 he created his second psytrance project with his friend Kaan Öncel (Khan), named Mutation Brothers. Main focus of Psychotherapy is pure psytrance, twillight psy, nigth time fullon, darkpsy and hi tech. The artists he shared stage with are; avalon, egorythmia, Lyctum, atma, flooting grooves, u recken, Fobi, Blisargon demogargon, Aodioiboa, cosmosis, trymbaka, Zymosis, Alienapia, DigitalX methodic marble, namma ohm , dictum maldictum, ugly duck, arcek, Moksha, MayaXperience, SkaZzAK, 7thDimension, mentalecho,Intelligent Monkey, whackywhack, Midi Junkies



Sir@ got in touch with music through listening to bands such as Pink Floyd,The Doors,Tool, etc.. At the age of twelwe, he was already spinning records at birthday bashes of his playmates. He first got to play on SL-1200MK2 when he was fourteen and chosen to Dj for his school's graduation ceremony. From then on he continued to follow his passion, playing in underground techno scene around Europe. In 2008, he got introduced to PsyTrance scene through Bruno Sousa, aka Highlowsound/ DjPsyLatino, co-founder of Kosmic Fusion Productions. Shortly after Sir@ became active in promoting Kosmic Fusion events, new releases and upcoming producers and dj's while working on his own sets geared toward bouncy, foresty and psychedelic sounds with tempo ranging from 146 BPM to 156BPM.



Dındırıdın has been professionally DJing since 2010. His music is influenced by Turkish Movies. He mixes; especially 1970-2000 psychedelic Turkish music; with old Turkish movie quotes and presents unique compositions at his sets. He is also a caricaturist and a scenarist. His catchword is "Let`s share the beauty of music and nature all together. Peace."



Onur Pekinöz aka Pack was born in Istanbul. He started getting interested in music 15 years ago playing guitar and drums. After completing his DJing course at Connection Records, Turkey; he started mixing tracks as a Dj at 2010. By that time he was playing house / techno. Psytrance was calling him so hard and he started play psytrance in 2013. Since then he played at almost all indoor psytrance parties in Istanbul. In 2014-2015 summers he was in the line up at all outdoor festivals in Turkey. He plays progressive psytrance and twilight as well as psydub.



Kadir Gungor aka Rave Language, psytrance DJ & producer was born in Istanbul in 1989. He met with psytrance in 2013 and started DJing in Istanbul. He played at several indoor / outdoor events in Turkey. His skills were recognized by organizers & promoters and in 2015 he was chosen into the line up of Neon Festival, Turkey. As a new Turkish shining star psytrance DJ, Kadir played to a respectable number of audience at Neon. His dedication to psychedelic trance leaded him to produce his own music. Nowadays he is developing his own tunes and even some is almost ready to share with his fans.


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