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DJ Bayawaka is Golan Aflalo from Jerusalem / Israel, presently living in Berlin.
Broken beats, psybass, breaks and chillout have been mixed by Bayawaka in unique way.

Golan created his project on 2011 when he started to preform & organise underground events in Tel Aviv.

In 2012 He joined forces with Enigmatik records (Australia) as a DJ label showcasing his taste and style of music, preforming all over the world.

These days, along side his busiest schedule, Golan is organising and coordinating events in Berlin, and working as a DJ label for : Merkaba music , Shanti Planti, LooneyMoon Experiment and Mikelabella Record.
He played in festivals as :
Boom Festival (Portugal) •
Ozora Festival (Hungary) •
Fusion Festival (Germany) •
S.U.N Festival (Hungary) Psy
FI (Holland) • Origin Festival
( S.Africa) • Freqs of Nature
(Germany) • Antaris (Germany)
• Hadra Festival(France) •
Utopia after Boom Festival
(Portugal) • Lost Theory
(Croatia) • Vuuv Festival
(Germany) • Summer Never
End(Swiss) Tangra Festival
(Bulgaria) • Modem Festival (Croatia) • Tree of Life (Turkey) • Transylvania Calling (Romania) • Indigo Festival & Doof Festival (Israel) and many more ..



Nuno has always been interested in music and technology, this interest has been met in his love of electronic music and discovered his skills with turntables, cdjs and mixers. He became addicted of researching and collecting records and getting inspirations from artists like Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Basic Channel, Robert Hood and Plastikman. He begun his musical career, djing in south of Brazil, performing at the most underground parties in Porto Alegre. He always wanted to move to Europe, somewhere that was inspiring and where there were musicians, artists and many resources, 2006 he moved to London, to grow he's knowledge with music and new technology. Although mainly influenced by Detroit Techno has developed his own style ranging from acid house, techno to deep minimal abstract, always creating a different atmosphere. In 2014 he created Diskonnekt Experience, audiovisual label experience in London and Berlin. He has been performing all over Europe in many clubs and parties, specially in Berlin, Budapest and London also in many Festivals, like Ozora Festival (Hungary), Boom Festival (Portugal), Sonica Festival (italy)and Universo Paralelo (Brasil).



Tom Real's career spans all the way back to late 90s London, but while his music’s kept up with the freshest, his love for a party remains unchanged. Glastonbury, Glade, Boom, Universo Paralello, Burning Man, Secret Garden Party and Kazantip are just a few of the international festivals that have felt the power of his DJ sets. With a focus on techno, Tom Real’s sound is inspired by playing mind-bending music to casts of thousands at extreme parties in far-flung corners of the globe. If it's hot and sunny, preferably has a beach or a jungle, there is a solar eclipse happening or if the party lays in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic playground then he’s there, sonically taking the dance floor apart and taking the assembled throng on a journey of mind, body and soul.

Until recently Tom was heavily focused on a project with a long-suffering friend called Disco Of Doom which saw support from DJs from Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Annie Nightingale and Kissy Sell Out, to the likes of Mixhell, Brodinski, DJ Zinc, Timo Maas and Fake Blood. He remixed the stars, life was good, the party didn't stop, there were dwarves everywhere, it was naked ladies riding pure-white horses bareback across nightclub floors, and hanging out with A-list celebs and getting invites to all the hottest parties in town. Then one day he awoke…and thought: “this isn't the life I want to lead. Take me back to the mythical dance floor, wide-open space… mountains in the distance, thousands of passionate party-people worshipping at the temple of rave. Take me back to the place I love.” Be warned.



Giovanni Calemma brings to psy-boutique his extensive background in electronic music as well as his timeless inspiration. A multifaceted artist, Giovanni has devoted his lifelong research to visual arts, media and music. Influences from these arenas all converge skillfully in his sound, creating a unique experience each time. Giovanni was the co-founder of United Tribes (Italy) which, between 1992 and 1994, marked an evolutionary step in the music scene and defined a new aesthetics in visual communication. Since then Giovanni has been working professionally as a photographer and event promoter, including 80 D.A.M.S. in Berlin and T.A.Z. parties in London. Calemma’s set will take you on a unique journey across deep minimal techno and more eclectic experimental soundscapes, with uncompromising commitment to a vibrant dance floor that is both innovative in research and informative of its own background.



Dario Giuliano aka JD was born in Naples in 1975. Being his father and brother fond of music, he lives closely to amplifiers, speakers and vinyls since he was a child. After a little while he approaches music in a more intimate manner by starter playing guitar and electricbass and when he is still very young, he joins a psychedelic band as bass player. At the age of 23, the turning point. After being to Freankfurt,Germany and after visiting the Neuton European mega-distributor, he develops a passion for the dance music and he watches the evolution of the TECHNO phenomenon in Naples, which has been defined as the newer and innovative “second wave”. With his open-minded temper, he becomes promoter of underground events, bringing into the city the hottest well-known names of time. Always a passionate connoisseur, he goes on a regular basis to the production studios of his friends, who at the time were young techno producers and who now are the famous Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone and Danilo Vigorito. In 2000, tired of being a spectator, he starts playing , causing quite a stir. His experience as promoter for so many years, the many hours spent in the studio with the Neapolitan “Masters”, along with his experience as psychedelic bass player have given JD the opportunity to have all the requirements to bring energy and freshness of style to his sets. He is among the first playing minimal techno and experimenting electro insertions. JD has just created the track FULL ONE, remixed by TOM CLARK, on Inminimal rec and he released “anything_groovy” on Casbah.rec remixed by Guido Schneider. He also produced with Giancarlo Lanza "senegalized ep" on monique musique rec.remixed by Nima Gorji, Mimimino, Alex Moments and Chris Lattner. In 2010 he started to play as resident dj for Orbeat.

Steve Kundalini

Steve Kundalini (UK)

Steve Kundalini is the prompter of the legendary Kundalini Parties in the UK, and runs Kundalini Records. He has been involved in all aspects of music over the past 29 years and has promoted a multitude of events from as long ago as 1989, being responsible for organising some of the most historic warehouse parties around the dawn of the rave scene. A number of years later Steve was introduced to goa trance and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since going behind the decks Steve's DJ sets have proved popular, playing a blend of sounds that reflect years of experience in dance music. Thus, Sun Drenched Tribal Grooves was born. Whether in clubs or festivals, the unique choice of tracks always creates a positive energy on the dance floor with a distinct air of originality.

The Kundalini organisation has been active since the mid 90's and has always been about breaking convention, constantly striving to provide a complete party experience.



GROOVEDESIGN aka DJ Emiliano started DJing in 1990 and since then he has certainly been one of the purest representative dj of the international underground scene. Throughout his long career he has developed his unique style of performing, mastering both vinyl and digital techniques. Vibe and energy are masterfully crafted to create a simple but sophisticated message. Light as shape of a vibrational field that reaches far beyond common imagination, are depicted through beats, grooves and frequencies, in a fractal ever changing fashion.

New wave influences spring about in a deep, dark electronic ambience where house roots are just a remembrance, though a persistent one. Techno is the frame in which this powerful psychedelic journey takes place.

Get ready for the unexpected!!!



"Whackywhack'' is Cosku was born in 13/06/1987 West of Turkey. Label Dj at littleBIGsensations and Conclave Records. His career as a musician started with playing bass and guitar in Nu-Metal bands at 2005. He played bass guitar and has given many concerts with a nu-metal band between 2005 to 2007. He was also interested about psytrance back then but he started djing at 2008. During 2009 he was playing at psychedelic festivals all around Turkey. In 2012 he had international experiences about djing. He played in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands.

He likes to play Psytrance Full-On / Full-On Night Trance and almost all sub genres of Psychedelic Trance. His sets are usually energetic, with strong basslines, industrial percussions, deep atmospheres, many dynamics, and Hi-Tech driving.
He shared stages at parties and festivals across Turkey with artists like,
Lost&Found, Aodioiboa, Earthling, Tijah, Merkaba, Reactant and many more...

Whackywhack so far performed at open airfestivals such as, PsyFiles 2 Journey to Lycia (TR), Pakawala Music Art and Culture (TR), KrajobrazoLokum Deep sound of Forest (PL), Neon Festival(TR), Ayata Festival (TR) and also many indoor outdoor and private parties all around... And more soon ;)

Nick Oxley - Psy-Boutique Resident


Nick Oxley has been a cornerstone of the Psy-Boutique events since the festival began back in 2010. As resident DJ for the Sub Bubble warehouse parties in London, his eclectic taste in underground electronic music drives him to mix intelligently selected progressive, techno and tech-house styles. Nick's infamous sunset and sunrise sets at the original Sundance festivals are eagerly anticipated by those who know him and are always memorable.



Karl got interested in DJ'ing back in the early 90's when as a kid he got his first go on a few 1200's with an old used and abused Dateq mixer at a friends place. Learned the ropes by playing his friends' collection of early (acid) trance, "turn up the bass" house music and early rave records at first, but eventually fell in love with techno music which lead him to buying his own records by the likes of Mauro Picotto, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and later some more work by Speedy J and Robert hood as being a bass head he slowly started to appreciate the more minimalistic, slower yet bass heavy sounds more than the fast, mid/high driven "rave style" techno music.

First equipment self-owned consisted of 2 second (probably third) hand silver 1210MK2's and an el-cheapo mixer (brand unknown to human kind) connected to an old Realistic Amp Stereo set up at an attic "studio" in the middle of a residential area pissing off all neighbors within about a mile radius.
Started playing in warehouses around Amsterdam's industrial area's he then quickly went from just pissing off his neighbors to also pissing off pretty much every one else’s in the rural Amsterdam area.

He then got a degree in IT Science, a job, the fucking big television, the washing machine, the car and mortgage and then he suddenly remembered that very early in the new millennium he got his first taste of all the wonders of the digital world of music when he saw a demo of Rebirth and later Traktor and Ableton at a technology expo in Amsterdam.
This could finally bridge the gap between his 2 passions. IT and Techno. The technology was, however, far from mature at the time.

But then, back in 2010, when he saw Chris Liebing and his all time hero Speedy J play an amazing set together remixing and mashing up tracks live with their set-up using Traktor, Ableton and Maschine he knew. This was what he really wanted to do. And so began the age of samples, drum machines, tracks and raging controllerism.

His trusty travel companions now consist of a MBP running Ableton Live and Traktor, 2X1 II's and an Octatrack. All connected to an A&H DB4 mixer bringing it all together in a hybrid Live-DJ set-up.

Usually seen in the greater Amsterdam area he's also known as the 'Eindbaas' (dutch for End Boss) for usually being the final bad ass act of the night. His sounds can best be described as deep, minimalistic, bass driven and hard.



Chris has been into and enjoying electronic music all his life. Making mix tapes when he was young, and later on burning his own CD's with the latest techno tracks for on the road.
At the age of 17 he attended his first full-on techno festival and ever since was hooked to the banging sounds coming from PA speakers.

At school he was responsible for the audio and lighting used for plays and party's and was the occasional DJ on CDJ's and SL1200's, which later seemed to be the perfect preparation for years to come!

After regularly going to party's in Amsterdam, with old time heroes like Sven Vath, Ritchie Hawtin and Dave Clarke, the time finally came to move and study in the city of Delft.

During the student years, a lot of time was spent on the party's held at the largest student fraternity of Delft: Virgiel. Here he was responsible for the concept, planning and execution of the audio and lighting used at party's, trying to make each time as unique and as special as the budget allowed.

After years of organizing events and listening to techno, the time finally came that he played some tracks himself at a friend's house and things went fast afterwards. The enjoyment of playing the music you like, the way you like it, was the main reason to pick up DJing again. Slowly piece by piece was collected to fill the studio at home and a decent collection of techno tracks was formed to last ages.

Together with friends party's have been given in the Netherlands, as wel as abroad, and DJing has become a part of the 'whole package' of musical entertainment that he wants to provide in the years to come.



Copenhagen based artist Zen G a.k.a Ogi, has been spinning on the mountains, deserts and beaches since 1994. He is one of the establishing members of Habehabe tribe, the tribe that pioneered and inspired the Psytrance scene in Turkey still to this day.

Zen G is famous for his eclectic style of mixing and he definitely knows how to keep his audience on the dance floor. His pursuit for novel sounds lead him through experimenting with styles like Goa, Psytrance Techno, Progressive, Tech House and Acid house.

Previously he performed at festivals like Soulclipse, Rhythms of Peace, Tree of life, Neon and more

You can check his sound @



In 2004 Negma started to play in big events, attracting great attention from her great variety of house styles. DJane Negma grew to one of the top female DJs in the Turkey the last 5 years. Her sets contain every style of house and her music style is always happy and colourful just like herself. Positive energy is easily heard in her music. Not only was Negma succeeding in her dj career, but she also graduated from Istanbul University Computer Engineering. Also she will go to sound engineering school. She is a technical talent so she is learning new technologies quickly.

In more recent times she has had the opportunity to play in many countries including Miami, Ibiza, Paris, Germany and Cyprus and has also found herself warming up and working along side some of the worlds leading names in the industry such as Marco V, Randy Katana, Johan Gielen, Outwork, Junior Vasquez, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Ronald Van Gelderen, Jochan Miller, Sied Van Riel, Yahel, Ernosto & Bastian, Aly & Fila, W&W, Leon Bolier, Mark Norman, Pedro Del Mar, Sander Van Dien (First State) Joyce Mercedes, Niki Belucci, LayDee Jane, Miss Shiva, Nugen.

Negma also produces and remixes her own tracks. This has also been very successfull for her, especially with her remix of Katana - Feels Like Magic.Her style of music changes with the times which keeps audience fresh and coming back for more.

Currently her efforts are being put into various productions along with friend and fellow dj, alex_turkey, which will be ready for release in the near future. Now OUT !!! Negma feat. Aaron Smith - Dancin (Summer 2009 Mix) on Junodownload.

Music Styles: Deep House, Club & Progressive House & Prog. Trance


MYSTICISM ft. Nilay Canca (TR)

Ozzy Cetin aka Mysticism, Ramizes & Freetech was born in 1984 in Istanbul and discovered psy-trance at the age of 18 over the albums of Kox Box, Cosmosis, Hallucinogen, Goa Gil, Astral Projection etc. Since then he has been gathering a psy-trance archive which still continues. In the city he studied his BA, Ozzy organized various indoor psy trance parties and mixed tracks as Ramizes between 2004 – 2007. Meanwhile, he helped out his producer friends by giving them ideas and loops for their new tracks.

Since 2006 Ozzy has also been involved in some of the most well respected festivals and psy organisations in Europe such as Ozora, Psy-Fi, Sonica, Tree of Life, Free Earth Festival, Mind Manifest Project, Psy-Boutique Festival, Neon Festival, Soulclipse Festival in Turkey, Earthcore Festival in Australia and many more. He now dedicates himself to his psy-trance organizations community, Crystal Kids, to spread the word through the minds which are ready to unite with respect, peace & love ♥.

Ozzy as a DJ mixes; Psychill / Psybient / Chillgressive as MYSTICISM at Altar Records, Progressive / Dark Progressive / Fullon / Psytrance as RAMIZES at 24/7 Records and Twilight / Forest / Hitech as FREETECH at Futura RécordsMX.




Almond Lama ( Peter Halasz, 1984 ) hailing from Szeged, Hungary founder and manager of a loose group of individuals, promoters, DJs, producers, visual artists intended to create socially integrated audio-visual experiences for a wide audience. Himself actively contributing as DJ, promoter and visual artist in Budapest, Hungary and London, Britain. His actions wether its playing or managing promotion duties are based on a mix of passion, attitude, precision, creativity and human spirit. Musically would be a more appropriate approach to describe him via sounds from dub across deep to a touch of hypnotic tech rather than sticking to genres.



Hello, my name is Roy and I’m dj since 1996. 2 years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of psytrance and since 2014 I’m label dj for GreenTree Records.

Thanks to my label residency, I’ve had already some very nice gigs like Sonica Festival (It), Quarion Tribe (It), Visions Of Paradise (Swiss) and lots of Belgian events.
I’m also part of the GoAthletes project, together with my bro Foose, playing back 2 back and bring trancefloors into excitement!



Violint Drop psychedelic meets classical duo project, combining live psychedelic and forest beats with classical and processed violin melodies, delivering an emotional psy experience featuring Lila on the violin and Sir@ on electronics.



Dani is a purveyor of soulful and sublime progressive grooves. Her sound is an explosion of hypnotic rhythms and percussive tribal instruments, which are easy on the ears and demanding of the feet!

She’s been lighting up dance floors for the past 8 years with her uplifting and unique take on the progressive sound. Her journey began as a desire to play a more upbeat eclectic chillout selection, but she was soon drawn into the progressive world and mixing a blend of progressive beats became her new passion.

She’s maneuvered her way around some of the most exciting clubs and parties in the capital including Elixir of Life and Tribal Village and has enjoyed playing in the great outdoors at events such as Chrysalid, Sunrise, Waveform and Eden. She’s also a resident DJ at the regular OmLiquid nights at the InSpiral Lounge in Camden.

Her highlight of 2014 was opening the main stage at the HillTop Festival in Goa, India, a dream come true! 2015 looks set to be another great year for Dani, with many exciting things lined up. Catch her play and prepare to be taken to a seducing and mind-tingling dream-world, you won’t want to come back!



London based DJ and producer


Katamii (HU)

If you've been to OZORA festival, you've probably heard Katamii playing: her sets are elemental parts of the Pumpui stage, meanwhile she's one of the musical leaders and managers of the stage too.

Everything started with OZORA, where she revealed her soul-music in front of a major audience for the first time in 2011. Since then she's been the warm up for Eitan Reiter or Minilogue (among others) and this year she played before Perfect Stranger, who's been a dominant figure in her musical career.

She's been invited to play at Samsara- and Bakony Festivals in Hungary, two years ago she played at Seli Mountain Gathering in Greece and next year she's going to perform at Psy-Boutique Festival in Turkey.

She has a really impulsive style and you can always find that sneaky deep pulse in her music that sees through her sets - she's a real wolf in sheep's clothing.

Semra Çelik

Semra Çelik (TR)

Istanbul based DJ.


Jawoyn (TR)

Jawoyn started with two person Dready playing didgeridoo and Cabbar playing percusions Since 2012 we are playing in mostly Istanbul we have been playing in India (2013) and Nepal (2014). We are recording new songs and practising with new instruments. We will share all soon.


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